Good copywriters charge premium fees (and they’re worth every penny)

I know it’s a cliché, and that it can be misleading, but very often, price is a good indicator of skill and value offered.

Yes, you can get a project done on the cheap. Put your project up for grabs on a content mill, slap a few of $100 bills on it, and you’ll have a bunch of “copywriters” falling over each other, yelling and screaming, “Me! Me! Pick Me!”

Tempting, I know. But when you think about it, what does this attitude tell you about these “copywriters”?

Cheap “copywriters” who are willing to write sales pages at $2000 a pop, aren’t making enough money to make a decent living, which means they need to churn out as many projects as possible per year. And guess what — they won’t have any trouble skimping on quality.

So where does that leave you?

You guessed it. Your business is not only down a couple of thousands, but you’re now stuck with a poorly-written sales page that might even perform WORSE than what you had. And we both know that is going to cost you even more money in lost sales.

On the flipside, you can expect a GOOD copywriter to charge you upwards of $10,000 for a sales page. If that sounds a tad steep, bear with me while I put it into perspective.

We’ve already agreed that the cheap, sloppy copywriter is going to cost you anywhere between 2 – 5 thousand dollars in fees and lost sales. That’s money down the drain that you’re never going to recoup.

On the other hand, the $10k you pay for GOOD copy is an investment destined to pay for itself over and over again. You see, copywriting is meant to do one thing and one thing alone — bring in more sales i.e. more sales than what you’re currently making.

For instance, by charging premium prices, I drive away A LOT of potential business. But that’s intentional.

A competent copywriter will typically work on very few projects per year. That guarantees he/she can invest all the time and energy needed to make the project a stellar success.

There’s no way you can do that when working on a dozen different projects per month.

REMEMBER: Good copy is an investment, bad copy is an expense, and doing nothing is just as bad.

The key take-aways here are:

  • Investing in good copy is like buying seeds and water with the intent of growing food. At the end of the day, you can’t eat soil and rocks.
  • Bad copy scares people away, and I guarantee you will NEVER see them again.

On a final note, you might think doing nothing saves you money. In reality, if your copy is not converting, you’re bleeding money. Doing nothing is like having a gashing wound and not covering it up with a bandage.

If you do not invest in GOOD copy, your business will bleed to death.

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